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Whitening 'Rona' Special

Whitening 'Rona' Special

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"Whitening Rona Special"

Includes: Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit, Black Face Mask, Spray Hand Sanitizer

Sparkle White Teeth Whitening kit is all you need to whitening your beautiful smile. Comes with 10cc gel, custom moldable trays, LED Light, Shade Guide, 3 Vitamin E Swabs (not included with Peroxide free kits).  When preparing to whiten your teeth mold your trays, clip the excess of the tray and add just a few dabs of whitening gel around the mold (you don't need much) you want to be sure not to get any gel on your gums, no whitening gel is intended to be on the gums. 

Face Mask, black jersey cotton, soft and comfortable. One size fits most. 

Spray Hand Sanitizer, great for your purse or car or briefcase. Perfect size to keep and take anywhere. .33fl oz. The top does unscrew to allow you to refill it with your fav sanitizer. 

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