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Stay White Teeth Whitening Pen Add-on

Stay White Teeth Whitening Pen Add-on

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Stay White Teeth Whitening Pen - Add On Special

Style your teeth white with our amazing Stay White Teeth Whitening Pen.  One Pen included.
Use at home or on the go.
Be sure to brush and floss before each use for best results.
Each pen has 14 treatments.
Use before bed for best results.
Sensitivity Free.
Cruelty & Vegan Free
Made in the USA
FDA Registered

Gel may expand in transit. If there is a little liquid on the brush or in the cap it is still sterile and safe to use. It is normal for this to occur during transit due to changes in temperature and pressure. Your sealed mailing envelope is your assurance that the product is sealed.

**consult your doctor before use if pregnant or have any health issues.