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Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit and Pen

Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit and Pen

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Sparkle White Professional Home Teeth Whitening Kit Special

Whiten up your teeth and remove those yellow stains from coffee, tea, soda, food and more. In 30 minutes or less per treatment you can get whiter teeth, easy to mold custom trays help you achieve a better whitening each treatment. Do not get gel on your gums, in the hp kits you will receive vitamin E swabs to help remove any excess gel.
Each kit includes:
Gel syringe with 10 treatments
Set of Custom Trays
Mini blue LED light to activate gel with batteries
Shade guide
Vitamin E Swabs (Not included with any Peroxide Free Variety)
1 Teeth Whitening Pen Great for Whitening Maintenance.

Clear up those coffee/tea/soda/food stains with our Professional Home Teeth Whitening Kit. Easy to use with included instructions.

Sensitivity Free ~ Made in the USA ~ FDA registered facility ~ 99% Kosher ~ BPA Free ~ Cruelty Free ~ Vegan & Gluten Free ~ Gentle Formula

Choose your flavor teeth whitening gel below. Try our famous Strawberry or Cotton Candy Teeth Whitening Gel!
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