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Print Face Masks

Print Face Masks

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Handmade Face Mask

Cotton fabric, soft and comfortable. Patterns are reversible.  

Choose your style as Masculine or Feminine.  A solid may be sent.

The pattern will come from a random assortment for the style chosen. The patterns shown are examples of what is available; (you may write in if you have a more specific pattern request and we will do our best to accommodate) Styles and patterns are updated daily.  If you have a request for a child size please email us at [email protected]

Handmade nice quality with elastic around the ears.

Handmade Face Masks is professional, trendy, unique, durable, comfortable, vibrant, flexible, healthy, hand made, feminine, and masculine. It's perfect for women, men, girls, boys, mom, dad, hipsters, artists, the adventurous, the practical, athletes, health nuts, sports fans, travelers, teens, fashionistas, families, couples, and teachers when they are at the office, outdoors, at the gym, working, traveling, out and about, at school, on the field, enjoying a night on the town, and celebrating.

FDA disclaimer: This product, and all of our products are not intended to cure or prevent any disease. Use this at your own direction and at your own will. 

No mask is intended to cure or prevent disease or virus. Use masks at your own will and risk. We do not provide any medical claims or provide any medical advice.