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Face Mask Cotton Black

Face Mask Cotton Black

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Face Mask jersey Cotton, Comfortable for long day wearing. 

Easy to wear and comfortable fit. Once size fits most. Solid Black.


Face Mask Cotton Black is high-end, classic, trendy, durable, comfortable, flattering, flexible, healthy, feminine, masculine, and light. It's perfect for women, men, mom, dad, nature lovers, hipsters, artists, the adventurous, the practical, athletes, health nuts, travelers, fashionistas, families, couples, and teachers when they are at the office, outdoors, at the gym, working, traveling, out and about, at school, on the field, and enjoying a night on the town.

Handmade mask, with clean lines and is softer than a basic cotton. Comfortable for longer wear.  Hand or machine wash on gentle.

FDA disclaimer: This product, and all of our products are not intended to cure or prevent any disease. Use this at your own direction and at your own will. 

No mask is intended to cure or prevent disease or virus. Use masks at your own will and risk. We do not provide any medical claims or provide any medical advice. 

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