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Black Friday BOGO Stellar White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit


Black Friday BOGO Stellar White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

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BLACK FRIDAY BOGO SPECIAL On our Latest & Greatest Whitening Kit Stellar White Teeth Whitening

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Designed for quick in home use

Stellar White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit offers a unique and easy way to whiten your pearly whites. Make your teeth shine like new with our dynamic and quick professional whitening kit.

  • Whiten in 15-20 Minutes
  • No messy trays needed
  • Whiten up to 7 shades with one use
  • Red Light Gum treatment included
  • Rechargeable Top of the line Advanced LED light
  • Safe on enamel
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free, BPA Free

This Advanced kit comes with everything you need for a new and amazing whitening process:

- 10cc Gel

- Rechargeable USB Advanced LED Whitening light with a blue light to activate the gel and a red light that is a gum treatment.

- Brush and cap for precision whitening

- Vitamin E Swabs (3) (not included in peroxide free kits)

-Reuseable neoprene bag for storing your whitening kit

- Shade Guide

- Instructions

To whiten your teeth:

Brush your teeth thoroughly, rinse. Add a small amount of gel to the cap, use the brush to add small amounts of the gel only on your teeth. If you get gel on your gums please use the vitamin E swab to remove it, if you are out use a qtip. once your gel is in place put the light in your mouth and activate the blue light. After 15 minutes your treatment is done and you can remove the light, turn it off. Rinse your mouth thoroughly. And don't forget to recharge your light for next time. (with the peroxide free gentle formula you will not need or receive the vitamin E Swabs).

To do a gum treatment with the red light place the light in your mouth and press the button twice to activate the red light. Only do the gum treatment for up to 5 minutes at a time.  The red light will help sanitize your mouth and provide healing relief to your gums. 

*Results will vary

This is not a substitute for regular dentist visits. This is not intended to treat or cure any disease or medical condition.
Do Not Get the gel on your gums. If gel gets on your gums please use the Vitamin E Swabs to remove gel from your gums immediately. If you do not have the swabs use a qtip or rinse your mouth thoroughly. Do not leave gel on gums.