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Our Teeth Whitening Kits are Gluten Free, BPA Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan, 99% Kosher, and made in the USA in an FDA registered facility.

Which kit is right for me?

Original Kit with no extras:
Original Kit No Extras
Daily Coffee or Wine Drinker?
For Daily Coffee and Wine Drinkers
Smoker or have tough stains?
Smokers and Tough Stains
Sensitive Teeth?
For Sensitive Teeth
Looking for easy on the go

Easy on the go touch ups
Need a good polishing?
Stains between your teeth?

For stains between the teeth
Great daily solution
+ a full treatment?

Full Daily Solution

How do I use my new Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit? What are the White with Style instructions?

Or watch Michelle Diaz's story and awesome instructions here:

1) Prepare the LED light
2) Prepare the trays
3) Check your teeth on the shade guide.
4) Place a small dot of gel onto each tooth impression on each tray. Do Not Use Too Much Gel! 1cc or less for the whole treatment is plenty.
5) Place trays in the mouth and gently press in place
6) Wipe off any gel that gets on your gums. The regular kit includes vitamin E swabs for this purpose. Do not leave gel on your gums during treatment.
7) Place the light in front of the trays and hold it with your lips. Turn the light on.
8) Leave the trays and the light in your mouth for up to 30 minutes. (If you notice any tingling or stinging please remove the light and wipe away any gel that has oozed onto the gums to avoid irritation.)
9) Remove trays and rinse in warm water.
10) Check your new shade!
11) Store everything in a clean dry place for next time. For best results store LED with batteries removed.

How long will my Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit last?

Each kit contains enough gel to whiten at least 10 times.

How often should I whiten my teeth?

For best results use once per week until you reach your natural white shade. We recommend whitening once a month once you reach your natural white shade for maintenance.

Should I brush my teeth prior to whitening my teeth?

Yes, but we recommend using a soft tooth brush and flossing gently as well.

Does the product Whiten Caps, Crowns, Bonding & Veneers?

Our products are safe for fillings, crowns, false teeth and other dental work. In addition it will whiten dental work along with the teeth. However, the dental work will not get any whiter than it started. If it was matched to yellowed teeth then your teeth may lighten more than the dental work. It will definitely make it shiny and bright again.

Is your teeth whitening safe?

Yes! Our products work by removing stains from the teeth. It will not damage enamel. Be careful not to get the gel on your gums.

What is the difference between the peroxide & the peroxide free Teeth whitening kit?

The peroxide free teeth whitening kit is great for people with sensitive mouths.

Can I use with Braces?

We recommend waiting until they are off for best results. You can use our Coconut Activated Charcoal Whitener polish.

Why won’t my light turn on?
Watch this Video
1)Remove the backing, remove the batteries, locate the clear plastic disc.

2)Remove the plastic disc and discard

3)Replace batteries + side up and screw backing into place

I melted my trays, how do I get a new set?

First please try again. Most of the time your trays can be remolded. This video offers great instruction on forming them. https://tinyurl.com/y7lzwafk or https://youtu.be/3j_V5H1Y10w

Should you need a new set you may select them here https://www.whitewithstyle.com/Custom-Mouth-Trays... Use coupon Trays at checkout. this coupon is valid for 1 set of trays. Be sure to shape one tray at a time, in water that has boiled and slightly cooled, for best results. Please note shipping charges apply to the order.

Why are my gums white after treatment?

Blanching of the gums can occur if gel gets on them during treatment. It is temporary and not harmful. The color will return in a few hours. Please use less gel next time and make sure it doesn’t get on your gums. Gel is not intended for your gums, please remove any excess immediately.

Why do I have white spots on my teeth?

If your teeth have calcium deposits on them you will notice those whiten first. It is not harmful and it is not permanent. Please continue with your teeth whitening treatment and it will all even out beautifully. You may use the treatment up to once per day to even them out quickly.

My pen/gel is leaking, is it safe to use?

Gel may expand in transit. If there is a little liquid on the brush or in the cap of your pen or if your gel syringe has seeped a few drops it is still sterile and safe to use. It is normal for this to occur during transit due to changes in temperature and pressure. Your sealed mailing envelope is your assurance that the product is sealed.

Do you Ship to my country?

We ship to select countries worldwide. Please select International shipping at checkout.

What is the maximum number of kits I can purchase?

Orders may include up to 5 kits if shipping within the United States, Up to 3 kits will ship internationally.

My order was declined, why was I charged?

Your bank holds the funds for the charge and will release the funds to you as soon as the transaction settles. In the U.S. that usually takes 3 days, outside the U.S. it can take up to 10 days. It depends on your bank’s policies.

Do you accept Gift Cards (Visa/Mastercard or other)?
No at this time our merchant provider does not allow payment via Visa/Mastercard or other electronic gift card methods. You can however, pay via paypal or regular credit card that will provide a CVV.

Why was I overcharged?

All of our pricing is in U.S. Dollars. International orders go through a currency exchange to covert the funds on your end to U.S. dollars. You will see the charge on your statement in your currency.

The shopping cart lists that all prices are in U.S. dollars and we note it again on the emailed receipt for your convenience.

I am outside the U.S how much will I be charged?

All of our pricing is in U.S. dollars. Your credit card will convert the funds to dollars during the transaction. For current rates you may check with your bank or get an estimate from the internet.

How do I track my package?

Orders are shipped within 3 business days. We ship exclusively via USPS and provide tracking numbers for all orders. We send an email when your order is shipped from WWS and SSBP. Please check your spam folder for that email. Alternately you may login to your account and locate your tracking number for your order. Then enter it at www.usps.com USPS requires 72 hours to activate tracking links and they do not scan the package at every stop. Please sign up for email or text alerts at www.usps.com and collect all packages right away.

When will my package arrive?

Orders shipping within the U.S. arrive about 7 business days after shipping. Outside the U.S. please allow 2-4 weeks. Please sign up for email or text alerts at www.usps.com and collect all packages right away.

My Package was scanned delivered, why didn’t I receive it?

Your package was carefully shipped via USPS.com and tracking details emailed to you. All packages are delivered with your regular postal mail delivery. Your package arrives in a beige colored bubble envelope. Please confirm that the complete, correct address was provided in your order. Double check with family members or neighbors to make sure someone didn’t get your mail for you and forget to mention it. Nearly every package is recovered in this instance. You should immediately speak to the postal carrier who scanned your package delivered. Please note White With Style is not responsible for any package once it is scanned delivered and will not be able to offer further assistance in locating your delivered package. For any scanned delivered package that you cannot locate you should contact your local postal carrier and local post office to find more information on filing a lost package claim. Please visit usps.com for further information.

Why am I missing an item?

We are so sorry, we work hard to make each order perfect. Please email us at wwscare@gmail.com with your order number and what missing and we will correct the error.

How do I redeem my voucher?

Email this information to makingsmileswhite@gmail.com
Full Name:
Full Address:
City, State & Zip:
Email Address:
Phone #:
Voucher #:
Deal Site:

How can I change or cancel my order and get a refund?

Please email wwscare@gmail.com to change or cancel your order. Be sure to include your order number, the correction necessary, or the reason for cancellation. Please do not send multiple emails. No refunds once an order has shipped.

How can I change my address?

If your order has not shipped yet we are happy to adjust the address. You may login to your account and change your shipping address. Alternately you may email wwscare@gmail.com with your order number and the complete correct address. Addresses cannot be changed on an order that has already shipped.

Why didn’t I receive an invoice via email?

It is likely that there was a typo in your email address when you placed your order. Please email wwscare@gmail.com with the full name used in the order or your order number and your correct email address and we will correct the email address and send you a new invoice. Alternately please check your spam folder.

How do I make a return?

We accept returns only on new, unused, unopened items, purchased directly from our website, that have been received in the last 14 days. To request a return please email wwscare@gmail.com with your order number and reason for return. Sale items or special offers are not eligible fore return or refund. Shipping charges are non-refundable

What is the bretman rock teeth whitening code?

Bretman from Bretmanrock and bretmanvanity loves the Sparkle White Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Kit you may use his coupon code Bretman28 at checkout.

How will my charge show up on my credit card statement?

Your charge will display as White with Style on your credit card statement.

What are the ingredients in your whitening gel?

HP Mint: Propylene Glycol, Kosher Glycerine, Carbamide Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbomer, Peppermint Essential Oil, Triethanolamine

Peroxide Free: Glycerin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) Powder, Xylitol, Sorbitol, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Chamomile Flower Extract, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Limonene
What are the ingredients in your Coconut Activated Charcoal?
Charcoal Powder (Activated charcoal from coconuts), Sodium Bicarbonate, Bentonite Clay, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint), Stevia Rebaudiana Extract

What are your product disclaimers?
You should not use this product if you are pregnant, or breast feeding, have health problems, periodontal disease, or gums that are in poor condition, wear braces, had recent oral surgery, decayed teeth, have roots that are exposed, have colitis, or have jaw problems. The manufacturer and seller assume no responsibility for any usage of product. Use at your own risk. You should consult with a dentist before attempting any at home treatments and understand that there are risks involved if not doing so. A small percentage of people may experience reversible tooth sensitivity and gum irritation which disappears when completed or by decreasing the amount of time you whiten your teeth each time, or by increasing the amount of time between whitening sessions.
Can I Take Advantage of your Special Offer?

Sale prices offered for Holidays or Special Events are valid only on the dates they appear for. They cannot be applied to a previous order. You are welcome to take advantage of this offer as well. Items offered at a sale or special discount rate are not eligible for return.

I have a different question

Please email wwscare@gmail.com we will be happy to help you. We do our best to respond within 1 business day.

I need to talk to someone

For fastest reply please email wwscare@gmail.com with your full name, order number and question. If you prefer to speak on the phone please call 888-958-0621 please have the following handy: full name, order number, email address, and phone number. Office hours are 9am - 4pm PST Mon-Fri. For a quicker response please send just one email only to wwscare@gmail.com

For Affiliate inquiries or Wholesale Ordering please email us at whitewithstyle@gmail.com DO NOT EMAIL ORDER INQUIRIES HERE.

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